The MIMOSA collection integrates the legendary ancient Chinese garden elements, a landscape garden style which has evolved over three thousand years delivering philosophical messages.


The MIMOSA collection is inspired by Chinese ancient art blended with modern french style.

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Arty MIMOSA EarringsArty MIMOSA Earrings
Arty MIMOSA Earrings
Sale price€790.00
Arty MIMOSA Earrings 54 DiamondsArty MIMOSA Earrings 54 Diamonds
Arty MIMOSA Earrings 54 Diamonds
Sale price€2,790.00
Arty MIMOSA Earrings 8 DiamondsArty MIMOSA Earrings 8 Diamonds
Arty MIMOSA Earrings 8 Diamonds
Sale price€1,260.00
Bohemian MIMOSA EarringsRose gold pendant earrings with detachable piece with diamonds.
Bohemian MIMOSA Earrings
Sale price€1,160.00
Rose gold bracelet with diamonds. Rose gold bracelets with and without diamonds.
Classic MIMOSA Earrings 2 Diamonds, without chainsClassic MIMOSA Earrings 2 Diamonds, without chains
Classic MIMOSA Earrings 4 DiamondsRose gold pendant earrings with diamonds.
Classic MIMOSA Pendant 2 DiamondsRose gold necklace with two diamonds.


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