Wrist watch with brown strap and yin yang design.

What should you gift your dad for Father’s Day?

“I have a hero, I call him dad”

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When I was young my teachers in elementary school used to make us craft small gifts for father’s day and it would always come with a small letter attached to it. 

I remember once I wrote, “I have a hero, I call him dad”. 

I don’t recall how old I was when I wrote this, but from that moment my father kept that small piece of paper in his wallet that he would always bring with him. 

And still today, I would say words have the biggest impact in translating our feelings and staying forever in our hearts. 

So the most basic but absolute best thing you could do for Father’s Day would just be to call your dad or to write him a few words.

I recall that when I was a child I would always look up to my dad and get inspired and passionate about many things he was doing. He taught me to play tennis, ski, do windsurfing, and pushed me to try almost every kind of sport and now I feel extremely grateful for this.

Therefore, if I get the chance to get a head start on thinking about a gift for father’s day I would buy him the tickets for an important sporting event we could enjoy together. Once I bought him tickets for the Roland Garros. When we went to the stadium so many memories came to my mind as whenever late after work he would still bring me to the tennis court to spend some time together and teach me how to play.

Later, when I became an adult I remember he always wanted to have dinner at restaurants to taste different kinds of wine of our region to then visit many wineries and only buy the best bottles for our cellar.

Therefore, a nice bottle of one of his favorite wineries is certainly a great option for Father’s Day and would give him a chance to organise a lovely family dinner.

But if I think about his dearest belongings, his watch that my grandmother gifted him when he married my mother is the object he cares about the most. Unfortunately yet humorous, when I was around three years old I asked him to try his watch, but I drop it and broke its glass, and from that moment I understood how much that common object was so special to him. 

So if I wanted to impress him for this Father’s Day with a very nice gift, I would buy him a new watch because it would bring along not just a big value but all the love I feel towards him.

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Wrist watch with brown strap and yin yang design.

In the end, there is no one perfect gift for Father’s Day, yet the most important criterion to follow is to gift him something that comes from your heart, your memories.




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