How to make Mother’s Day memorable in 2021?

How to make Mother’s Day memorable in 2021?

The QUIYEE Maison invites you to show your love for your mother with a special, unique and precious jewel as she is. She will always think about you when wearing it.

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You want to really please your mum but it is a headache to decide what to do ?

In an historical era where everything is based on immediacy, high speed, where if you don’t push the accelerator to the maximum, you are left behind, we like to think there are still things that make us appreciate meaningful moments that will forever stay in our hearts.

And what moments are more memorable than the ones spent with our mothers?

This year, for Mother’s Day, gift your mom a day off anywhere you can think of.

It doesn’t matter if it’s far away or a village next door. Take the day to appreciate your favourite taste of ice-cream in the same shop where she used to take you after school, book an art exhibition or take her to a special class.

Today our time is the most valuable thing we can gift to a dear person. The chance to spend a whole day together will make her day.

And then, to end with the cherry on top, carefully pick a gift that, as the love you feel for her, will forever stay.

And what present is more long-lasting and deeply meaningful than a piece of jewellery? High-end jewellery’s value does not fade in time and can be passed down to generations to evoke in us the oldest and nicest memories.

For us, at QUIYEE, gifting jewels is like creating a knot that will forever tie us to our mothers and grandmothers in the most tender way.

Today the young generation must work hard to reach objectives, travel the world, and maybe must spend so much time away from our dears, and for our mothers, to always carry around “a piece of you” is extremely priceless and unique.

Imagine your mom taping on her computer keyboard or drinking a nice glass of wine with her friends, and then looking at her finger, notice the ring you gave her and have you, her son or daughter, always in her hearth and thoughts.

So, at the end you wouldn’t only gift her one day together, but your whole life, to always reminder her you will always stay by her side like she’s done with you.

But don’t panic, if by tomorrow you still haven’t had the time coming to our boutique would be a no brainer. We might have a quick and easy yet memorable solution for you. 

It is not too late to find the perfect gift to make your day together memorable.

Also visit us on, La Maison QUIYEE will offer you free delivery until Mother’s Day if you are anywhere in Ile de France for any amounts within 4 hours and anywhere in France for amounts over 3k within 24 hours.

This year celebrate Mother’s Day with QUIYEE!


In all of our jewelry we had a desire to integrate the nuance of ancient Chinese architecture and modern French elegance – the inspiration of QUIYEE today.  Chinoiserie art was very popular in France in the 19th century, so the blend of French and Chinese style is a historic and beautiful niche. 

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